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man Pedersen, Anders, Skrædder 1st & Dorthea Christine Nielsen, 2nd X Marie Nielsen Pedersen* ‎6 Apr 1871* Lyngby, Hellum herred† ‎after 1933
man Pedersen, Anders * ‎19 May 1746
man Pedersen, Anders Peder Hans X Mette Marie Kristensen* ‎17 Feb 1851* Blenstrup
woman Pedersen, Andrea Kirstine & Andreas Valdemar Hjort* ‎1849† ‎1901
woman Pedersen, Ane & Anton Janner* ‎1848
woman Pedersen, Ane Marie * ‎1798* St. Arden Sogn Hindsted Aalborg
woman Pedersen, Anna * ‎14 Jun 1801* St. Arden Sogn Hindsted Aalborg
woman PEDERSEN, Anne X Niels BERTELSEN* ‎29 Jan 1688* St. Brøndum, Aalborg
woman Pedersen, Anne Kirstine X Peder Christopher Wacker, Spækhøker* ‎1789* Fredericia
woman Pedersen, Anny Nedergaard PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Pedersen, Arne Nedergaard PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman PEDERSEN, Bodil X Christian Winther* ‎Feb 1672* St. Brøndum, Aalborg† ‎8 Apr 1751
man Pedersen, Boje & Anne Marie Nielsdatter PRIVACY FILTER
man Pedersen, Carl Martin, landmand X Gerda Sørine Sørensen* ‎18 May 1901* Torpet, Vadum sogn
man Pedersen, Charles, Maler & Ketty Pedersen* ‎22 Jul 1901† ‎14 Jan 1982
man Pedersen, Christen X Maren Poulsen* ‎26 Sep 1674* St. Brøndum, Aalborg† ‎7 Apr 1737
man Pedersen, Christen X Karen Stephansen* ‎1 Mar 1721* Lyngby, Aalborg, Danmark† ‎24 Aug 1794† Lyngby
man Pedersen, Christen, Husmand & Christine Kjeldsen
man Pedersen, Christian Peter * ‎19 Apr 1876* Lyngby, Hellum herred
woman PEDERSEN, Dorete * ‎6 Dec 1691* St. Brøndum, Aalborg
woman Pedersen, Elfrida Kathrine & Jens Christian Rasmussen* ‎10 Mar 1897* Store Arden, Hindsted, Aalborg, Denmark† ‎1 Oct 1984† Store Arden, Hindsted, Aalborg, Denmark
woman Pedersen, Elinor
woman Pedersen, Ella & Harald Christian Pedersen
woman Pedersen, Ellen
woman Pedersen, Else X Johan Christian Justesen* ‎1779† ‎1853
woman Pedersen, Else * ‎1719* Lyngby, Aalborg† ‎25 Jan 1721
woman Pedersen, Else * ‎27 Dec 1725* Lyngby, Aalborg
man Pedersen, Frances Leo Lyman Niphi * ‎2 Jun 1901* Budolfi sogn, Aalborg
man Pedersen, Frands X Anne Nielsdatter* ‎1 Mar 1744* Brovst sogn, Hjørring amt† ‎7 Apr 1799

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