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NameBorn/ BaptisedDied/ Buried
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man Bach,
woman Bach, ? * ‎3 Sep 1912* Blenstrup, Hellum herred
man Bach, Adolph X Johanne Eleonora Bundgaard* ‎26 Nov 1909* Ejstrup, St. Brøndum† ‎3 Dec 1992
woman Bach, Agnes Jenny X Martin Edvard Jensen* ‎12 Feb 1899* Haals mark, Gunderup, Aalborg
man Bach, Alvin Edward & Pauline Marie Aspden* ‎8 May 1921† ‎12 Apr 2002
man Bach, Anders Kristian & Cecille Bach* ‎11 Oct 1913† ‎20 Dec 1997† Blenstrup
woman Bach, Ane Kirstine X Christen Marinus Jensen* ‎10 Oct 1896* Haals mark, Gundrup, Aalborg
woman Bach, Anne Herdis * ‎7 Aug 1921† ‎25 Jul 1995
man Bach, Arve Marinus 1st X Karen Marie Christensen, 2nd X Marie Catrine Andreasen* ‎16 Sep 1881* Gerdingmark, Gerding S Hellum, Aalborg, Danmark† ‎9 Mar 1963† St. Brøndum Kirke Hellum Aalborg, Danmark
woman Bach, Astrid * ‎11 Apr 1909* Haals bro, Gerding, Aalborg† ‎30 Apr 1930† Gerding
man Bach, Carl Oluf Ankjær X Gudrun Lauridsen* ‎1 Aug 1906* Ejstrup, St. Brøndum† ‎14 Feb 1972† Randers
woman Bach, Cecille & Anders Kristian Bach* ‎21 May 1916† ‎22 Mar 1980† Blenstrup
man Bach, Christian Sørensen & Dorthe Rasmussen
woman Bach, Edith * ‎21 Oct 1917† ‎7 Jan 1983† Blenstrup
woman Bach, Edith Vera & Cyrus Boothby Hall PRIVACY FILTER
man Bach, Ejnar Theodore * ‎8 Apr 1909* Nuckolls County Nebraska† ‎6 Mar 1913
man Bach, Ejvind Andreasen X Lis Christensen PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Bach, Elga Nielsine X Hans Christian Svendsen* ‎14 Mar 1905* Haals bro, Gerding, Aalborg
woman Bach, Ella
woman Bach, Elly & Erhardt Bach
woman Bach, Elna Marie Bach & Edward Frank Dite* ‎1 May 1914† ‎27 May 2002
man Bach, Erhardt & Elly Bach* ‎15 Nov 1928† ‎3 Jan 1995† Blenstrup
woman Bach, Eva Maria X Otto Gunnar Kristensen PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
woman Bach, Gerda * ‎16 Jul 1921* Ejstrup, St. Brøndum† ‎May 1922† Ejstrup, St. Brøndum
woman Bach, Gerda X Frode Uhrenholt Andersen PRIVACY FILTER PRIVACY FILTER
man Bach, Harold & Lela Clements* ‎4 Apr 1919† ‎26 Jan 2000
woman Bach, Helga Jensine, Husbestyrerinde * ‎18 Jul 1903* Haals bro, Gerding, Aalborg
man Bach, Holger Christian & Gladys Marie Brecht* ‎1 Aug 1912† ‎25 Jul 1987
woman Bach, Inger

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